eli5 why do humans enjoy certain things in certain temperatures


why do humans inherently enjoy different things with different temperatures life for example no one would enjoy a hot soda but they also wouldn’t enjoy a cold bowl of mushroom soup another example is cold chicken is not very appetizing and neither is hot coleslaw like is there any reason humans prefer certain things to come with different temperatures such as the fact that most people would prefer to sleep in a cold environment than a warm one ?

In: Biology

1. People are accustomed to things a certain way and change can be odd. A warm soda doesn’t really taste much different than a cold one, but it just doesn’t seem right since I always have them cold.

2. There are alot of chemical reactions happening in cooking that release/enhance certain flavors.

3. Texture of food is changed by temperature. If you cook a steak it is usually nice and tender. Throw it in the fridge and take a bite a couple hours later it’s going to be noticeabley tougher, but when you heat it back up it will soften again.

Not all things are enjoyed at the same temp by all ppl.

While most lager style beers are served cold, other beers are served room temp

While most western society likes drinking cold water, asian culture generally prefers warm to hot water. I’m a bastard mix. I like my water warm and my soda cold. Sue me