ELI5; why do reusable bottles and mugs need washing before use?



ELI5; why do reusable bottles and mugs need washing before use?

In: Chemistry

Cause random bacteria and mold grows whereever there is water. Human body works better when there’s less random bacteria and mold ingested

If you mean before consumption after purchase, then you want to clean away any debris or bacteria as sanitization is not often part of the manufacturing process. Also, you never know what’s happened to a product between the factory and the store, the store and you.

Or LY5: it’s like finding a toy on the playground; let mommy clean it before you put it in your mouth.

Dirt can get in and contaminate them. If they are being recycled, they want all dirt out of them. A lot of recyclable material is deemed contaminated if dirt gets into something else that is accompanying it. So a bin full of recyclable material could all be thrown out because just one item has some dirt in it. So whether you are recycling or reusing, you need to clean the items in question.

Before first use, you mean? Because in the manufacturing process the machine lubricants and people handling them before they’re packaged etc can still be on the surfaces of the item, and are not meant for consumption, even if they’re usually harmless. So it’s better to wash it to clean it properly.