Eli5: Why do some factory machines play music?


I work security at a large Nissan factory. For whatever reason, a decent amount of the machines play cursed tone-only versions of London Bridges or other “classic” songs. Can’t find any sort of explanation on google. Anybody have the answer to this?

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I’ve been in a factory where the robots played music. It was to make sure you would hear them coming to prevent these multi-ton superpowerful robots from flattening you. As annoying as the music may be, it is better than random beeps and tones.

My company makes factory machinery. The machines have horns that are programmable. They can play any number of honks, beeps, tunes, etc. Some even let you use SD cards to let you play your own sounds.

The horns are there to alert people to something going on. For most of our customers, there is an initial tone that plays for a few seconds before the machine starts. A constant tune is some sort of warning or fault occcuring to alert people to look at the machine.

Different machines on the same line will be programmed to play different sounds. So when you hear jingle bells you know the load robot is down. When you hear London Bridges you know the inspection cell is down, etc.

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