eli5: Why do some games take longer before an update is available on the device it is on?


Title is probably a bit weird but I’ll elaborate.

Basically, a game that I play a ton had an update done yesterday. The first to come was Steam, but then they said that a mobile update was in the works.

Why would it take longer for mobile then it does for Steam?

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There are two reasons: technical and logistical.

a ) Code doesn’t just magically run on every device with no fuss, and while you can probably share most of the code between two platforms there are always some differences that need to take the current platform into account. As such you may need to take special consideration when making updates to make sure they work on all the platforms you want, you need to make sure they work for all the different screen sizes correctly, you may have different teams doing QA for PC and for mobile, you may have different bugs that need addressing, your clever update for PC may not work well on the much less powerful phone, and so on and so forth.

b ) Mobile apps need to go trough review, whereas I don’t believe Steam has such policies. As such they may simply be delayed by Apple and Google reviewing the apps before they are published.