eli5: why do vape batteries have different settings?


First off to be clear I am referring explicitly to THC vape carts. I don’t intake nicotine whatsoever

My simple mind thinks that the higher the setting the more you get and the lower the setting the more you conserve. Is that it or is there more to it like if your wax is more solid you should burn it at a higher setting and if it’s more liquidy you should burn it to the lower setting? Is it something different that I’m not thinking of? Idk.. seems like there should be an obvious reason since they all have the option but I don’t really know for sure what the reason is

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It’s basically both. For example, my nic vape is technically capable of doing any iteration between something like 10W and 80W. But I can tell you from personal experience that, with the recommended range of juices, if I go anywhere under something like 30W I get really disappointing vapor production and if I go anywhere over about 55W I very easily risk burning the wick.