[ELI5] Why do we feel the urge to sing along to a song we like?

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If someone asked me this I would say “because you like the song” but when I think about it I can’t find an exact reason why we do it. Does singing it out makes us feel relieved or something?

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Humans have strong instincts towards communal activity, including group singing. It’s why hymns and worship music are such a big part of many religions: doing things together with other people (particularly people in your in-group), mirroring their behavior, gives us a sense of group belonging which is very satisfying to many of our more primitive instincts relating to social cohesion and pack solidarity.

In addition, many people find artistic expression and the act of creation to be innately satisfying, and singing along to a song can give you an outlet for that. It is pretty easy to start adding on simple harmonies to a song you’ve listened to several times for instance.