ELi5 Why do we out air conditioners in windows?


I have a portable one that has a hose thing that goes to a window but I don’t understand why it’s necessary. Is it?

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What an AC does is basically just removes heat from a room by moving it outside of said room. Less heat means the room feels cold.

If the AC cant move the heat *out* of a room its worse than just not having an AC. Because now it’s not removing the heat but just by running its generating some heat of its own.

Air conditioners blow out both hot and cold air simultaneously.

If you don’t direct the hot air out of the room you’re trying to cool, it’s not going to do a very good job at bringing the temperature down.

Also, this is the worst type of portable AC. I would recommend a window unit, if possible. See [this](https://youtu.be/_-mBeYC2KGc) video for more information as to why they are so bad.

ACs take heat from the air, but that heat has to go somewhere. You probably don’t want it in your room so the most convenient place is out the window

The hose from my air conditioning unit fell out of my window once and I woke up to an unbelievably hot room.