eli5 why do you puke when sick


Currently sick and after puking I feel worse. Is there a reason our bodies do this? I feel like it doesn’t help because you lose nutrients and it dehydrates you.

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If the sickness was being caused by something poisonous you ate, vomiting is a quick way to cure yourself. It could even save your life if the poison would have killed you!

Since the alternative is possibly dying to something you could have easily just thrown up, evolution has “decided” it’s a better overall strategy to throw up when sick just in case.

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Once your body recognizes that it has ingested a virus, toxin or poison it will expel it by inducing vomiting. Unfortunately, it takes a while for it to tell, so it keeps vomiting even when the stomach is empty (the toxin is in the blood by then). Alcohol is a great example of a toxin that is absorbed in great quantities before inducing vomiting. But you can short cut this by “thinking” something might contain toxins by thinking its really gross and throwing it up sooner, before a lot is absorbed.

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When you feel sick, its usually because of something you ate, so to get the bad stuff out, the body forces you to puke, however, there are times where you feel sick, without having eaten the bad stuff, but the body is reacting as if you did.
It’s like a miss firing reflex? It is caused by the GI feeling irritated.