eli5: why do you throw up when your dehydrated?



Isn’t this bad bc it makes you more dehydrated? Why would this have ever been an instinct for humans?

In: Biology

You could’ve just searched it up on google, or even this sub as it has already been asked and explained. Bassicly it takes water to digest food, if you are dehydrated you need that water in your blood, not getting used up to digest your food. You throw up to get rid of the food that is just sitting in your stomach

Your body doesn’t know why you’re dehydrated; it’s kind of operating on the assumption that you’re taking care of it by eating and drinking the right amounts. So when your body feels hungry or thirsty for too long (starvation/dehydration), it assumes that something’s gone very wrong, so it does all kinds of things to say “hey! put water in me!”

You might throw up in case the cause of dehydration is a toxin you’ve ingested, or simply because your body is trying to make you realize something’s wrong; throwing up is a painful, sudden, and obvious sign that you’re sick and need to rest and hydrate.