Eli5: Why do your eyes water when you have a cold?


Please forgive if this has been asked before. I searched different iterations of this and couldn’t find an answer.

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When you have a cold, your eyes may water because your body is trying to get rid of the virus that is causing the cold. The watery eyes are a result of your body producing more tears, which can help to flush out the virus and keep your eyes moist and comfortable. The tears may also help to wash away any irritants that may be causing discomfort in your eyes. In general, watery eyes are a normal and healthy response to a cold or other respiratory infection

When you have a cold, your body’s immune system is working to fight off the virus that is causing your illness. As part of this process, your body produces extra mucus to help trap and remove the virus from your body. This mucus is typically produced in your nose and sinuses, but it can also be produced in your eyes.

The extra mucus in your eyes can make them feel watery and irritated. This is because the mucus can obstruct the drainage of tears from your eyes, causing them to become more watery. In addition, the irritation caused by the mucus can stimulate the production of more tears, which can further increase the wateriness of your eyes.

When you have a cold, your body produces extra mucus to help fight off the infection. This mucus can sometimes accumulate in the nasal passages and sinuses, causing pressure and irritation. Your eyes may water in response to this irritation, as a way to flush out the irritants and reduce the discomfort.
In addition, the inflammation and swelling caused by a cold can also block the drainage channels in your eyes, leading to an excess of tears. This can cause your eyes to water more than usual, even if you are not experiencing any irritation. Overall, watering eyes are a common symptom of a cold, and they usually go away once the infection has cleared.