Eli5: Why do zoom levels not seem consistent?

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On the S23U or S24U (or any phone that can zoom this far but i’ve only tried on samsungs). If the zoom is at 10x for example, it seems like a LOT of the field of view is getting lost due to zoom. However, zooming from 60 or 70x to 100x results -or at least it seems like- in a relatively small change in the FOV

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The area lost is proportional to the square of the relative change in focus.

Going from 2x to 10x is a factor of 5, so you’re seeing only 1/25th of the area, aka 4%.

Going from 60x to 100x is a factor of 5/3, so you see (9/25) = 36%. It’s still a loss, but you’re losing only about 64% of the image rather than 96% of it.