eli5: why does 68 degrees F feel so different in the summer vs the winter.


We sleep with the temperature at 68 degrees F all year round unless we are able to leave the windows open. We live in NY. In the winter 68 degrees F in our home requires us to wear long sleeves, whereas now in the evenings with the central AC set to 68 degrees F we only need shorts and a tank/t-shirt. Basically, why does the same temperature feel so different during our different seasons here in New York?

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One is pushing heat to raise the temp to 68, and the other is pushing cold AC to lower the temp to 68. Same temp, but you’re feeling how it’s getting to that temp.

Humidity. How much moisture is in the air. Most winters there’s only a little moisture in the air but in the summer there is moisture in the air and it makes it feel hotter and makes people sweat more.

I’m sure there’s more of a definition to it but i think that’s the best answer I can give you.

Can someone translate 68F in Not American?

It probably has a lot to do with the environment. reach over to the nearest wall and touch it. or the nearest window or whatever. These are things being directly affected by the conditions outside your home, while the air inside is what you’re directly interacting with.

They’ll be warmer than normla in the summer, and colder in the winter. And this constant external influence bleeds inside. You don’t have sudden shifts, just persistent ones, everywhere, all the time.

Air conditioners and heaters are trying to fight the climate, but they can’t win.