Eli5 Why does drinking different types of water dehydrate the mouth/tongue?


I recently moved to a different location, and the water here makes my the inside of my mouth feel like cottonmouth. It’s very dehydrating and drying. How do I fix it?

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First of all, you need to make sure your water is potable. You can request proof of conformity with water requirements from your provider.

Secondly, every water source has different minerals within it. Your provider cannot remove everything from it because pure water is poisonous. Water doesn’t like being pure and will literally corrode you to melt itself impure.

What’s likely happening is that you have some minerals in your water that you’re not particularly used to. Could be nothing, could be pipes corroding (galvanized connected to copper pipes, for instance), could be a poor supply.

Probably the water in your place contains alot of minerals, which in turn made the water concentration higher than ordinary water ( more stuff in water makes it more viscous in a way ). So our body works with osmosis, where water from lower concentrations got attracted to higher concentrations.

So when you drink your water, it’ll cause the water in your cells ( which are normal concentration ) to go through the cell membrane into the water which you drank.

The loss of liquid inside your cells caused the thirsty feeling and it’s kinda not good for your kidney, because it needs to filter more stuff with less water available.

In my opinion, get your water tested for the contents, and if it is safe to drink. Or maybe you have a medical condition and are allergic to the contents inside the water, but for now i recommend you to drink from like a safe water source ( like those bottled up mineral water ) but it’s just my opinion, I’m no expert in this lmao.