eli5 why does lactaid last weeks longer then milk?


eli5 why does lactaid last weeks longer then milk?

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Lactaid pills are dry. It sounds overly simple but that’s because drying out foods is a common and effective means of preserving them. Powdered milk, for example, has a fantastic shelf life.

Lactose-free milk, on the other hand, is just pausterized more than regular milk. It’s actually raised above the boiling point for a moment. This somewhat compromises the taste and nutrition but it also increase the shelf life.

Nothing magical about lactaid, it’s the pasteurizing process.

“Most” “conventional” milks do a cheaper, easier pasteurizing process that means it’ll spoil on the shelf faster. Not really a problem because that milk is usually bought quickly.

But the various milk products that sell slower, might not stay fresh on the shelf so they go above and beyond to pasteurize them to maintain a longer freshness.

In either case, those dates are for *unopened* milk. Once you open any milk you should consume it within roughly a week regardless of the date on package.

There will be some confusion here. In Canada lactaid is a pill you take to help digest milk products. What is it elsewhere? Milk with the enzyme included already?