eli5: Why does nicotine suppress hunger/appetite?


I know most stimulants suppress hunger, but why?

Edit: mot corrected to most

In: Biology

For one, carbon monoxide (I believe but may be wrong) dulls taste buds, so the reward for eating is less. Additionally, nicotine apparently triggers a small flight or fight response that causes the body to hold back on using energy by decreasing nonessential functions


Nicotine suppresses hunger because when it’s taken into the body, it fires these particular neurons called POMC neurons. These neurons are responsible for appetite suppression/satiety (feeling full), so it makes sense that when nicotine enters the body you don’t feel hungry. This might not be completely correct but i learned it in my psychobiology class this semester and i hope it is 🙂

The none scientific answer is when you’re hungry you crave food but when you smoke you crave nicotine, smoking fulfils your main crave, you’ll still feel hungry but for the time being you’re just happy to smoke.