ELI5, Why does scar tissue sunburn more easily than normal skin?


I’ve noticed when I’m in the sun even with appropriate sunscreen areas that I’ve suffered injuries to in the past almost immediately become red, even though they do not have visible scars.

In: Biology

Scar tissue differs from regular skim in a few ways, it’s the same ingredients but it’s built and layered differently because one is grown at a steady rate and scar tissue is an emergency response so develops differently.

If the scars are lighter in color to your normal skin tone then we can see that this tissue has less melanin so will react differently to the sun.

If the scars don’t have hairs then you can tell how deep the wound was. (Deep enough to damage/remove the hair follicles) which might also mean the sweat glands are damaged meaning the skin is drier and less supple and more prone to burning.

I’m sorry how I wrote this, I’m having brain fog lol I swear English is my first language but uhm I’m struggling to sentence rn lol

Fun fact; severe scurvy (vit c defieciency) can cause old scars to reopen. Because scar tissue isn’t ever done healing, skin is always replenishing itself and scurvy interrupts that process.