Eli5 Why I’m calmer the following days after smoking weed?


Even if the last joint was 4 days ago ? ( I smoke only sativa)

It is like my mind is clearer and I can processes the informations better ( one by one)

Ps : Sorry for my French, English it is not my native tongue

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I recently quit weed aswell. Not sure if this applies to you, but I dream alot now and as a result I wake up much more rested and satisfied.
REM sleep you have when you dream improves concentration during the day.

Also, again maybe doesn’t apply to you, but I was getting really stressed about the addiction itself. Not worrying about that anymore is a huge relief.

Keep it up!

2 possible reasons:

1. The weed you smoke is really strong and does a sort of reset on your nervous system. This keeps you mostly stress free for a few days since stress is a culmination of things that build up over time.

2. You may not have too many stressors in your life right now. This allows you to experience that effect for much longer.