Eli5: Why is 8am colder than 11am if the sun has been out the whole time?


Is the sun warming the atmosphere throughout the day and thats why it gets warmer? Does it have to do with how close we are to it?

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The sun warms up the earth which then warms up the atmosphere. The longer the sun is out the warmer the surface and the warmer the air

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Same as your stove. Turn it on to 350 and stick your hand in, it’ll be warm but not hot. Wait 5 minutes and try again, it’ll be considerably warmer.

Just like the heating element needs to warm the inside of the oven, the giant ball of fire in the sky needs a little bit to warm things up.

Ever wonder why when you turn off the oven it cools back down? Same principle when the enormous ball of burning gas goes away and the earth cools down too.

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Why is the water in a pot that has been heated for 2 minutes colder than the water in a pot heated for 5 minutes?

The answer to this question is the same as the answer to yours.

Hint: The sun is the stove and the water is the atmosphere.