ELI5, why is going to bed super late bad for you if you still get the same amount of sleep?


I’ve always wondered this, espeically over summer break or for those who work later but why is going to bed late bad for you if you still get the perfect amount of sleep?

For example, last night I wen’t to bed at like 1:30 AM and woke up at 10:30 am, which is 9 hours? So if I’m getting required sleep, how is it bad for me?

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The only thing that matters is that you get enough sleep. It doesn’t matter when you do it.

I needed your example to understand what your asking. It makes no difference what time you go to bed. Sleeping 2-10 is the same no matter am or pm.
This is probably some silliness adults told you as you were growing up.


It’s better if you have a consistent sleep schedule in addition to sleeping enough.

If you are keeping it 1:30 AM – 10:30 AM all the time that’s fine, but it’s not as good if you do 11:00PM – 8:00AM some days, 2:00AM – 11:00AM other days, 5:00AM – 2:00PM on yet other days.

If you are a growing kid I believe it matters because your body releases growth hormones around 10-12 pm. (citation needed)

Otherwise it probably doesn’t matter other than the fact that society kinda runs on certain hours so maybe your sleep gets more distractions during daytime because people are more likely to try to contact you or make noise around you.

overall 5am to 10:30am you’re not actually getting good rest unless you’ve got the right environment.

Even w/ blackout shades light sneaks around corners, neighbors run lawn mowers, cars honk their horns, birds tweet. Unless you’ve managed to shutout all stimuli you’re not getting the same quality of sleep you would on a quiet night.