Eli5 why is sign stealing frowned upon in baseball?


Eli5 why is sign stealing frowned upon in baseball?

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Sign stealing by players in the game is not frowned upon. What is frowned upon is players not in the game or other personnel using off-field technology to steal and relay signs. It is cheating.

All sports impose some type of formal and informal limits on trying to win. In baseball, they have determined that using electronic recording and communication devices to make live on the field observations and reports is beyond the accepted level of trying to win. It does not *have* to be that way, but that’s the overall feeling.

It’s entirely legal to for a team to try and figure out what the other team is communicating.

The teams that had controversies played dirtier — they made use of the cameras in the reply booth to observe other teams’ signals and sent information via electronic buzzers taped to their own players’ bodies and other such tricks. That’s cheating.