Eli5: Why is there a specific form in bowling?


Is it technically the aim of the sport to master that form and just repeat to get a strike? Can someone do just an unorthodox throw as long as they strike?

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Yes, any legal roll scores the same. However, a great deal of experimentation has gone into the current technique and it provides the greatest odds of a good score.

Sure, a new technique could appear, the Fosbury Flop revolutionized the sport of High Jump.

You can bowl however you want, within the rules. But the reason that a relatively standard form develops is the same reason that it does in any other sport. There are some smaller mechanical variations in how people throw a baseball or football or swing a baseball bat or tennis racket, but certain parts remain largely the same because our bodies are all designed about the same, and there are certain ways that are optimal for doing things with consistency and precision while being able to apply whatever power is necessary

One thing to keep in mind about bowling (especially professional bowling) is that not all lanes are the same. They put different oil patterns on the lanes and the lanes can be made of different materials. It’s as much about mastering your form as it is learning how to adapt to different lanes and the changing conditions of the lanes.