Eli5- Why no symptoms from OMicron for just me?


My youngest stepson (17) brought Omicron home from school and gave it to the house. We are all vaxxed, my wife and I are boosted and I’m the only one in the house that never tested positive and never had symptoms. Everyone else in the house caught it and is not having fun with it. Out of six of us in the house, 5 showed symptoms.

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Viral infections are always random to a degree. In order to get infected, a certain number of viral particles have to get into your body, past your immune system, reach their target cells and actually successfully infect them. There‘s always a chance some of these steps don’t succeed.

There are many factors involved in what symptoms you have from the virus. The viral load you get exposed to, if your immune system was active elsewhere with other infections, etc. So you probably never had much virus in your body until your immun system god rid of it and it therefore never registered on any tests. This is not an unusual response for vaccinated people. But it is still possible for the tests to show false negative. One source of error might be that there are no viruses in your nose but there might still be infection in your throat or even lungs. And while this may not give noticable symptoms it is still possible that you are slightly contagious.

As contagious as I’ve heard omicron is, I’m just surprised. None of us wear masks in our house when we are home.

So being vaccinated, you are still catching and spreading it. Was there a point to all this