eli5 why period films shot today never look old?



I’m watching Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and all the tv scenes with Rick look like they’re made to look old, but they don’t look the same as old tv shows. Why is this? Does the technology from the 60’s and 70’s not exist anymore?

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That technology exists, but it’s more expensive to record and produce the film like they did back in the 60s and 70s than it is to just digitally record it and add an instagram (exaggerating here) filter over the footage.

Old movies look the way they do because of the film stock (the kind of film they use), the lighting technology (what kind of lights they used to light the scene) and the post processing techniques (how they treated the the film after it was developed). All of that technology still technically exists but it’s all been replaced by either way better version of it or it’s all gone digital.

Additionally to the expense of recreating the filming technique is that what you are used to seeing now is after decades of film degradation, which can be hard to mimic. In the 60s people weren’t thinking as much about preserving previously said tv shows. Desi Arnaz can be thanked for pioneering that idea.

Have you seen Mank (Academy Award winner for Cinematography & Production Design from last year)? They actually did a great job of making it look, sound and feel like a movie from the late 1930s/early 1940s.