Eli5 why shouldn’t we shower right after exercising?


I’ve hear that we shouldn’t shower right after exercise when I was young and looking it up, the websites that I searched always say that we shouldn’t. However I can’t seem to find the reason why other than all the websites just saying the same thing: “your body needs to cool down…” but doesn’t say what happens if we do.

Could someone explain why we shouldn’t shower right after working out and need to wait about 20 minutes? What happens in the long term if we do?

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When you exercise, your body gets hot and sweaty. Your blood vessels get bigger to help you cool down. This is why your skin looks red after a workout. If you shower right after exercising, the water can make your blood vessels get even bigger. This can make you feel dizzy or faint. It can also make your heart work harder than it needs to. To avoid this, you should wait until your body cools down before you shower. You can drink some water, change into dry clothes, and rest for a while. This will help your body return to normal and keep you healthy.

I’ve heard the same thing about showering right after eating a hot meal or even swimming. I was a kid and it was explained to me by friends mom who is a doctor (so I had no reason to doubt her!).

She suggested that the drastic change in temperature could affect blood flow and mess up your hearts rhythm and in the worst case potentially cause a heart attack.


How long are we supposed to wait?