Eli5: With all of the research coming out every day, how do people stay up to date?


Eli5: With all of the research coming out every day, how do people stay up to date?

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Can I have you elaborate a bit?

Well, nobody really tries to stay updated on ALL the research. People specialize into different areas. To stay updated on the research in their area, there’s a lot of tools. Web alerts based on keyword searches. Conferences and word of mouth. For any given scholarly topic, someone writes a review article every ten years or so, which is a summary of the current state of affairs.

For people who need to know a little bit of everything, like science journalists or government policy makers, they basically rely on other people to inform them when needed. They will ask those specialized experts to give them a summary or prepare a recommendation for them.

ELI5: experts specialize in knowing a lot about a little, and then summarize for everyone else.

Research about what? I try to be up to date in my specific field, but I only know the basics or surface of many other things.
Reading news, magazines, watching videos, listening to podcasts is the way to harness some knowledge.

Mostly by journalism. Publications in scientific journals. Even if it seems that a lot of research is coming out daily there are long processes of peer reviewing and validation.

They specialise, often the idea of asking “a scientist” about something unless you ask someone in the specific field they won’t have a clue about the subject. Recently there has been a clueless heart surgeon offering his opinion on vaccines and viruses and proved he knew nothing about either.