Eli5 Youtube Auditors


What exactly are they doing? They’re not auditing anything. Please eli5 what the hell they achieve?

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Can you specify which auditors you’re taking about? The ones that jump to mind are the 1A auditors. Are those the ones you’re talking about?

If you are talking about First Amendment Auditors, they are an American movement where people put themselves in a situation where they believe that government officials (including police) will infringe on their First Amendment Rights.

The idea being that, the government officials that do the work to avoid infringing on these auditor’s rights, will likely do that to other people. But the ones who do infringe on the rights of the auditor, will be put on YouTube and often sued which should cause government officials to slowly transition towards upholding rights on average.

In practice these people come across as antagonistic, and just trying to spur a lawsuit which has become their primary source of income, along side whatever money they get from social media.

I have no doubt that just like any group of people, there are good actors and bad actors in this group. And your opinion on if they are a help or a hindrance mostly correlates with your thoughts on rights, specifically first amendment rights.