Eli5:How medicine dosage is calculated based on weight?


Eli5:How medicine dosage is calculated based on weight?

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Eh, that really would depend on which medicine you are referring to in reality… But those heavier people in the world especially if said meds/vitamins are “fat soluble” that means that it takes fat to filter.said meds out, while water soluble (like vitamin C) meds are filtered out by the kidneys/liver and sent out of the body via your pee. (Is why you can’t have an OD of that mineral just from drinking a ton of OJ/other similar juices/fruits/etc.)

Are you asking why larger people need more medicine, or how scientists figure out the dosage?

For the first one, it’s because the chemicals from the drugs are more diluted in larger people and they won’t work as well. Larger people have more liquid inside their bodies.

For the second one, it’s a lot of trial and error. They test medicines on rats, which can be somewhat reliably scaled up to people with a little math. But then human trials will use different dosages and study the results.