eli5:why do inside pimples occupy such a huge area?


I have an inside pimple right now, I took a needle and popped it and some of that white fluid came out. Yet the area is still very tight, like it it were a wad of muscles squeezing together and balled up. Of course I’ve had a thousand of these it’s not my first time. But what I’m confused about is how come the area is so much larger than the actual fluid that comes out. And why does it stay bunched up for a day even after you pull out the fluid?

EDIT: everyone can rest easy my ingrown hair has been expelled from my body.

Edit2: I never asked for medical advice on what to do with my pimple.

Edit3: an inside pimple can be a called a postule or a papule. If you don’t know just Google it.

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The stuff in the pimple is like an oyster pearl. Something got in and your body sent white blood cells and other stuff to fight it. That’s what the pus* is. The meat around the pimple that the fluid goes through puts on some water weight. That’s what causes the stiffness.
The bad guy can be removed, but it takes time for the body to cool it’s biscuits and squeeze that hole shut.

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Inflammation, ie the immune response to infection, causes blood flow to increase (the extra blood is needed to bring extra white blood cells to the area to fight and kill bacteria). The skin around the infection gets warm, red and swollen as a result.

What is an inside pimple?