eli5:Why does slouching feel more comfortable than sitting up right?



Got a new chair which is meant to help support better posture due and been sitting in it for 2-3 hours and the lumbar support is causing discomfort and it feels so nice to just slouch and lay backwards where my lumbar is floating like im curling my body.

In: Biology

It feels more comfortable since your body is more used to the slouch position than sitting up straight, doesn’t make it more healthy. The lumbar support forces you to use muscles that you’ve neglected for so long that they have to re-establish themselves first before it can be comfortable to sit up straight for longer periods of time.

When you’re sitting upright your muscles are keeping you upright and balanced, which is very slight but still real exercise. When you’re just slouching your muscles are totally relaxed and not using any energy. Your body prefers to avoid using energy, so it feels nicer.