eli5:why is the sea blue in places and crystal clear in another?

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why is the sea blue in places and crystal clear in another?

I mean yeah some are like dark colored from wastes but why and how come others have a blue tint when water dont have color?

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The color and how clear the sea looks can change based on a few things:

1. **How Light Works with Water**: Water soaks up red light and bounces back blue light. That’s why deep water looks blue. In shallow water, the bottom of the sea can reflect sunlight, making the water look clear or take on the color of the sand or rocks below.

2. **Stuff in the Water**: The sea looks clear when there’s not much floating in it. But if there are lots of tiny bits and pieces, like dirt or little sea plants, the water can look cloudy or even take on different colors.

3. **How Deep the Water Is**: Deep water looks deeper blue because it bounces back less blue light. Shallow water shows more of what’s at the bottom, so it can look clearer.

4. **Living Things**: Sea life like tiny plants (plankton) or algae can change the water’s color. For example, lots of plankton might make the water look blue.

5. **What’s in the Water**: Things dissolved in the water, like minerals, can affect its color and clarity. Some areas have very clear water because the types of rocks and soil around them help filter out particles.