ELIF: how does your body determine which fat to burn?


When you burn fat for energy, how does the fat get picked?

In: Biology

Primarily genetics. So if you hear “do crunches to target that pesky stomach fat” etc… it’s a lie. You can’t burn specific fat areas with particular exercises. Your genes tel your body where to put fat and where to take it from. Men primarily store a lot of fat in their abdomen, around their organs (visceral fat) and women tend store fat around their hips, butt, and thighs (subcutaneous fat).

Your body will also always burn fat that isn’t as important. E.g. fat on your thighs vs. fat that line and protect your organs. Your body will always prefer to use the thigh fat as opposed to the protective layers of fat that insulate and cushion your organs.

So 1. Necessity 2. Genetics.

>how does the fat get picked

It doesn’t get picked. It’s just easier for your body to use some fat than other fat because of receptor density, blood flow, type of fat, and other factors that are mostly determined by genetics.

I heard that you put fat on one area first, that will be where the fat comes off last, and where it went on last, it will come off first. But, I can’t find any confirmation of that. Does anyone know if it’s true?