From the point of view of a photon, is the universe a dimensionless point?


From the pov of a photon travelling at the speed of light, no time elapses from the moment it emits from the sun and absorbs in my eyeball. This is true also of all photons going all directions off the sun. This implies there is no distance either, for the photon, in any direction. So does this imply that from the point of view of a photon, is it’s universe a single dimensionless point? That is, for a photon, is it existing in a pre-big bang universe? And further, since there is at least one photon, surely there isn’t space for more than one …. And since it’s the same universe we occupy with that one photon (viewed through differing points of view), is all light that one photon, possibly superimposed countless times?

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There is no pov of a photon in special relativity. Speed of light is the same in all reference frames. You can’t construct a reference frame that moves along a photon as that implies speed of light is zero in that frame. If you put v=c in the time dilation formula you get division by zero, domain error.

A photon is an eternal object that does not experience time.

According to our current understanding of physics, “from the point of view of a photon” is a meaningless phrase. The equations that we use to shift between reference frames break down for the speed of light.

We have absolutely no idea what happens in the point of view of a photon. It’s all speculation.

Photons take all possible paths. Photons are just the clicks your detector makes. Do they even exist in between the source and detector?