: ghosts are (almost)always a white blurry figure

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How did the idea spread that ghosts are supposed this white blurry figure which you can see in mirror or an old photograph.

I am from south India and I have seen/heard very local folk stories about how ghosts are , which generally for this description. So it cannot be just from watching movies right ( these are remote villages and also heard these stories from my grandmother sometimes and that was a time when not everyone had tvs and stuff).

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On the contrary, I think ghosts are white and blurry primarily in popular media.

If you read legitimate ghost stories, they often describe the ghost as appearing just like a normal person.

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Because film that is double exposed produces figures like this.

This was used by a lot of people intentionally to create images of ghosts, usually for entertainment purposes, but sometimes to trick people. And it can happen accidentally and therefore make people think they took a picture of a ghost.