– How are 4K UHD edits of movies made?


I’m watching [this](https://youtu.be/7VxNY2WsJn0) official preview of Back To The Future 3 in 4k, and while it looks amazing, when you watch it on a 4k UHD device, something seems off with the characters, as if they were greenscreened onto another edit of the film or something. I used to imagine they were done with the original prints on film, but it looks too digitial.

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They’re re-captures from the original analog films, but using substantially higher resolution capture modern equipment. Not sure if the UHD implies some other process being ran on the capture, but i wouldn’t be surprised. There are interesting techniques for improving fidelity of capture (some of it even uses neural nets), and i wouldn’t be surprised if some of those post-production edits make it seem unnatural.

I think what you mean is the depth of field: The character (or whatever object of interest) is in sharp focus, while the background is made blurry. This is intentional, but it can be hard to see in lower resolutions than this.

Cellphones won’t really allow you to do this, but any standalone camera allows you to determine if and how much the background blurs in relation to what you focus on by changing the lens and aperture