How are bunkers/underground structures built “secretly” under preexisting buildings?


Examples being the White House, the Pentagon, other government facilities. How do these buildings get this massive excavation and construction done and in many case how do they do it without the public noticing? How are, what are probably massive materials, gotten into these buildings and below the ground?

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The Pentagon was always built to be what it is, so presumably they just dug a *really* deep hole when they first built it.

The White House is a different case, but digging under an existing building isn’t particularly hard, it’s just tedious. You dig through the floor and you keep digging down, re-enforcing the walls as you go. Dug material has to go out and new material (concrete, rebar, etc.) has to come in by you can do that in sacks/bars by hand if you really have to. Keep in mind that that old mines were dug entirely by manual labour…modern machinery just makes it faster/easier.

A much easier way, if the option is available, is to dig your access somewhere else that you control and that’s not visible…inside a warehouse would be a good choice. Then dig a tunnel from there to your ultimate location and build the bunker from below. All the public ever sees is trucks going in and and out of a warehouse, which isn’t very interesting because that’s what all warehouses look like.

usually for those kinds of work, the government usually contracts to vetted US only companies and even then, it could be multiple companies, where 1 does the digging, another would set whatever structure, another would do the needed wirings, etc AND at the end of the road…no one entity has the entire plan, just enough to do their job

and at the end, all the workers involved will mysteriously suicide

jk on the last part

Also, the public do notice that there is construction going on, but do they really have any idea what’s going on? most likely no AND a lot of these facilities are usually not readily open to the public eye (most/if not all facilities like the white house, Pentagon, even little buildings with no windows…usually are behind some kind of physical barrier and security)