How are computer games actually made?


For example, a game like Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I cannot grasp how someone sits at a computer and comes out with that beautiful representation of a real world. What is the actual work and tools that make it happen?

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Usually there is a design group and a programming group, and a few managers. The managers decide what the game should be, from art style to genre they decide everything. The design group works on making assets, such as 3D models and textures, while the programming group is divided ino smaller groups that work on their each individual part, such as main menu, or a songle level or basic game mechanics. For example a smaller group can be given the task to make a workong main menu while another one works on making the character be able to for example shoot. But of course, the programming teams don’t allways have all the 3D models that are needed ready, for example the group responsible for codong the character movement may not have a character model at the start, so they just use a placeholder model that might be a square that just glides around the game map. When the models and all the other assets are done they just swap it out with the placeholders.

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