How are firecrackers made?


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Different metals and chemicals produce different colors when they burn. Mix these metals with gun powder and attach it to a rocket. Put a timed fuse on it so that the fuse lights the rocket first then reaches the explosive payload after some time. Light the fuse, rocket goes off, gunpowder explodes, chemicals/metals burn, profit.

Gunpowder or some similar explosive is jammed in a case, a wick is added and you’re pretty much done. If you want a lightshow as well, you add some chemicals that shine in nice colors or sparkle when they’re burned.

In more complex fireworks there might also be internal fuses and several compartments that ignite at different times.

It’s kinda easy. Take a long roll of paper, roll it up tight, add some gun powder and a wick and you’re all set.

Ok..OK… well its not that easy, but this [20 minute video]( does a good job showing the process (though you may need to read the sub titles)