How are green house gases produced from livestock bad for the environment.


It’s hard to put it into words but. How come methane produced from livestock is bad for the environment when other animals that produce the same gasses have existed naturally for millions of years

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It’s the amount of those animals that is causing a problem. Under normal circumstances, there aren’t going to be as many cows as there are now that humans are breeding them and making farms with the goal of having as many cows as humanly possible to generate meat from. We have majorly increased the cow population to an extreme amount artificially, and enough that it is having an impact on our atmosphere.

Cows produce more methane than your average wild animal. More cows and less wild animals means more methane. Methane is bad for the environment. Cows are bad for the environment.

The other commenters said it already, but you’re probably still underestimating the sheer amount of cattle humanity keeps.

Only **4%** of the world’s mammal biomass is actually wild animals. Humans make up 33%, and domesticated livestock makes up the rest.

Wild animals and particularly wild mammals make up only a tiny fraction of the biomass of animals on Earth.