How are long-range commercial aircraft different from standard commercial aircraft?


Here’s what I mean: the flights between Singapore and New York use ultra long range variants of the Airbus A350. What makes these long-range variants different from standard commercial aircraft?

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Depending on the model in question, often a combination of a landing gear design rated for a higher maximum weight than the original variant, and additional fuel tanks placed in the luggage hold. (For example, the Airbus a321xlr has a part of the area underneath the main floor replaced with a permanent fuel tank).

This allows the aircraft to have both a higher maximum allowable takeoff weight and more fuel onboard, enabling a higher range.

Singapore Airlines’s Newark-singapore service also runs in a very premium heavy seating layout (only business and premium economy seating), since it’s already running close to the limits of the aircraft.

On the Europe-Australia flights they have beds for the crew too, not something I’d assume they lug around on short haul.