how are people able to hack into webcams and spy on other people?



how are people able to hack into webcams and spy on other people?

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Because the people who set them up, don’t use secure passwords, and so when a hacker finds the device they just try commonly used passwords, and get in.

People are warned over and over to use secure passwords, but they don’t because its hard to remember. Also, many companies have 2 factor authentication, but people don’t want to be bothered with it because they are lazy.

Only you can protect yourself.

Many consumer goods that connect to the internet are made to be “user friendly”. If you’re selling a webcam, you want Bob Average to be able to just plug it in and *poof* presto, it works! If Bob Average has to set up a very secure password for his new webcam, and download an authenticator app on his phone, and connect the webcam to the authenticator…then he’s probably just gonna throw the damn thing back in the box and return it.

This means that many devices which connect to the internet are *horribly insecure*.

Or you open mail you shouldn’t have.
Or you downloaded spyware from a malicious website.

But the nr 1 bait is really unsecure websites.
They hack it and when you enter, you automatically download malicious code. It sucks but that’s the way it is.
They alter the html code of the website and upload code o they’re own. You think you downloaded normal picture / software / whatever but instead you downloaded an altered version of it leaving you helpless against the hacker.
That can now remotely control your pc.

Edit : check for HTTPS. It means the site is as secure as possible and your data won’t be visible to others.

I have my VPN set up to automatically look if there is a https version of a website.

It helps.
Also good online safety package like bitdefender total security 2021. It also looks for malicious websites.

My vpn, cyber ghost has a safe browser of it’s own.
It is the only browser I use.

Vpn is the future for total protection.

The website scans the internet for things like Webcams. It takes some time to update, but you can check your public IP for any signs of your camera being publicly accessible. To find your public IP type “what is my IP” into Google

Not sure why all the answers are discussing Wi-Fi cameras instead of webcams.

Essentially you may have compromised software, such as some obscure broadcasting or communications software. It really could be anything, even exploits in Windows it self. But at the end of the day what a hacker is looking to get is “root” access. Which lets them control any part of the computer. From there they would write a bit of code that captures video from your camera in the same way they would do a key logger. Essentially a little program hidden on your computer that they install which captures and sends back to them. Hidden as in you wouldn’t see it in Task Manager, they would hijack another process already listed.

Not sure how in-depth you want, not sure if the “how” can even be scratched in the context of explaining it a 5 year old.