How are people able to keep Axolotl as pets if they’re a critically endangered species?


I’ve seen videos and posts online of people caring for Axolotls in aquariums, but I’m confused as to how people get them, since they’re always talked about being a highly endangered species

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They’re critically endangered *in the wild* because their habitat has been destroyed by encroaching human agriculture.

They’re relatively easy to breed in captivity, and so widely available in the aquarium trade – although I hear they’re tricky to actually keep healthy.

This is the case for a lot of aquarium species – they’re perfectly hardy and easy to breed, but cannot be reintroduced into the wild because their habitat simply doesn’t exist anymore.

They’re critically endangered in the wild. Their natural habitat has almost completely been destroyed (They live in bodies of water around Mexico City, it’s a great read into how they used to do agriculture in the region). They’re also really sensitive to pollution, which is a huge issue seeing as their natural habitat is next to a major city. We’ve been able to breed and raise them in captivity pretty successfully which is why you can have them as pets. There are projects to reintroduce them, but lack of clean habitats is the main issue.