How are we able to see in 3D? I mean could you explain to me in detail how we are able to put together two 2D images to get a 3D image?


And what do we need to see the world in 4D? Or why aren’t we able to see in 4D?

In: Biology

What we “see” in 3D is effectively depth (distance from us). When you look at something, there’s a triangle between it and your eyes. Your brain uses those angles to estimate distance.

In a sense, when you estimate the motion of a moving object, you’re also “seeing” the 4th dimension.

Each eye “see’s” a different 2D image in a single instant. The brain compares the 2 images and creates a single 3D image, which is what we perceive as vision, by comparing overlapping areas to align the images the filling in the missing gaps from memory. We perceive 4D (time) because the brain does this for every image received overtime giving the sense of movement.