How can a base for nuclear energy generation be constructed on the Moon (especially in a short span of 6 years)?


All the resources required to construct such a base will ideally need multiple trips to the Moon or will be too dangerous to take in a rocket. Apart from resources, it should require significant man power, let alone the machines to build it.

From what I understand, no country has any substantial infrastructure present on the moon right now. Also, unlike Earth, the Moon has a completely different type of soil which has never been constructed upon (which can lead to other Civil Engineering problems).

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There’s nothing to build on the moon. It’s going to be attached to a lunar lander and lowered to the surface. No moon-based assembly required.

> Anthony Calomino, NASA’s nuclear technology portfolio lead within the Space Technology Mission Directorate, said that the plan is to develop a 10-kilowatt class fission surface power system for demonstration on the moon by the late 2020s. The facility will be fully manufactured and assembled on Earth, then tested for safety and to make sure it operates correctly.

> Afterwards, it will be integrated with a lunar lander, and a launch vehicle will transport it to an orbit around the moon. A lander will lower it to the surface, and once it arrives, it will be ready for operation with no additional assembly or construction required. The demonstration is expected to last for one year, and could ultimately lead to extended missions on the moon, Mars, and beyond.