How can a person gain back control of a limb after paralysis


Im just curious as ive heard stories of people being able to move their toes after 6months of not doing so. Ive also heard that we cant fix nerve cells

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Depending on the type of damage the nerves can heal enough that a signal can be sent from the brain. Other times paralysis is caused by swelling around the nerves, and as swelling goes down the constricted nerves can transmit signals again.

Neuroplasticity is the word used to describe the brain changing its connections. The connections in your brain allow you to think, move, talk, etc. When you lose the ability to move an arm, neuroplasticty could regain that ability by forming new connections to bypass the broken ones & make that arm work again.

Super cool tho, doctors put AI chips in a paralyzed person’s brain and he regained some movement. The AI chips are like the “bypass” mentioned above. Here’s a link: