How can an 2D animated movies or shows have multiple animators whilst maintaining a consistent art style?


I understand how you can have one person for background art, or one person for basic sketching and another for colouring etc, but surely this would take too long to animate with only a small group.

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That’s kind of a funny question form the perspective of someone who used to draw A LOT.

Usually, when you start getting interested in drawing, the FIRST THING you do is mimicking. You try to reproduce your favorite artist’s style, then switch to other artists as you evolve, and finally get your own style, but that’s the end of the road : the whole road has been mimicking and being more or less inspired by other artists. Even more so when you go to art school and you’re supposed to draw EXACTLY what is shown to you.

TL;DR : basically, being good at drawing is having the technique that allows you to draw anything, regardless of style, and if you’ve been drawing for a long time, chances are you’ve spent 50-70% of that time mimicking others.

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