How can deaths be classified as painless?


A lot of types of death look painful so I want to know how some can be painless.

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No one can prove how it feels to really die. They can get close but if someone’s brain shuts down, that’s it and you can’t get answers from them.

Pain on the other hand is mostly manageable and provable with medicine and monitoring how the body reacts. Most ‘painless’ methods involve those things. Drug them up and induce a brain shut down. Sometimes these execution methods fail and they really are in pain. Sometimes they freak out because they are aware of what is happening.

It’s not perfect but other examples exist like massive injuries (like decapitation) where depending on how it happened were also likely painless.

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Because they don’t cause pain. Carbon monoxide poisoning for example causes euphoria followed by sleepyness.

It’s why it can be so bad. If you have a faulty boiler pumping out carbon monoxide you breath on an odourless gas while you sleep that makes you sleep deeper.

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Because we know of painless ways to induce loss of consciousness. Once consciousness is lost, you are, by definition, not conscious of anything, including pain. If you’ve ever had general anesthesia, you know that the induction of unconsciousness is painless. Then the doctors do things to you that would be extremely painful if you were conscious. There’s not really a compelling argument to suggest that if the doctor were to nick an artery during surgery, causing you to bleed out that it would be any more painful than if the surgery had been a success.

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Information also takes time to move up the nerves and register as pain in the brain. So if you die really fast, say, in an explosion, you’d be dead before the pain of being blown up could be felt. Messy, but painless.

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I can think of two kinds of experiences.

* A form of death that kills quickly so you are dead before you know what happened.

A bullet to the head, or a decapitating accident.

* A form of death which does not traumatize the body.

Opiate or alcohol overdose or any other “death by pain killer”

Freezing to death in your sleep.

So often people claim “your loved one never felt any pain” and I want to call BS on that.