How can humans not be immune to pollen


Humans have allways lived in within reach of nature and forests, some more than others depending on where you live in the world. But how can we still not be immune to something like pollen by now? Something that we have been affected by every summer ever? Why doesnt our immunesystem adapt to it? Can animals have pollenallergy to?

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So, just to expand a little on it. Traits that are REALLY bad get taken by selective pressures. Allergy to pollen isn’t particularly bad, I mean, it is annoying. But it does not prevent anyone from either surviving, or mating. So, it is out of selection. Also, humans did not evolve around this pollen environment, we are more of a savannah/dry environment. A few thousands of years mean nothing when compared to the millions of years it took for us to be…well what we are now.

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