How can we sustain 300+ million people constantly using water every day? Talking USA only.


I feel like I use a shitload of water on a daily basis for dishes, showering, washing my hands multiple times per day. I can’t imagine how much water is used every day when you multiply that by 300+ million people. Not to mention how much water is needed on a daily basis for commercial use in the food industry, construction, etc. There must be a lot of water recycled on a daily basis.

In: Earth Science

Water exists in a cycle. In that cycle, “using” water doesn’t destroy it, it only pollutes it. Weather is the primary natural recycler, and of course many water treatment plants exist.

There is a gargantuan amount of water in the air, ground and rivers/seas etc.

There is just so much water, practically every piece of the environment has water in it.

Water, thankfully is mostly a solvent and not chemically changed by being used. It just moved stuff around, so water isn’t really ever “used up” since its rarely destroyed. Water is the car and most things are just hitching a ride alongside the water on its way.

It can become unuesable from contamination. When the car is filled up with trash, can’t really use it for a lot of our hygenic purposes so it has to he treated or “washed”.

Water gets recycled endlessly by the environment. If you pee in the woods that water is eventually going to rain down on someone else’s head.