How can you place calls to emergency numbers on phones without SIM cards?


like there should be a workaround/hack that then let’s you place any kinda call for free.

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The SIM card, lets you authorize your device with the network. It’s like a username/password. Your phone can absolutely request the network to place calls without a sim card present, but that’s like going to a webpage you’re not logged into… You’ll just get sent over to the login page and without a sim card you can’t log in. The network providers, have a rule on their side that allows unauthenticated call requests to emergency numbers, but you can’t do much on your phone to hack that, other than to get your phone to produce valid credentials from a source other than the SIM card. That’s how cloning works but it’s very illegal

The SIM card isn’t necessary for your phone to send radio signals to cell phone towers. All the technology is already there in your phone. It’s just that cell towers are programmed not to accept any requests from phones who can’t authorize themselves. Basically, your phone goes “hey tower, I’d like to place a call please”, and the tower goes “okay, what’s the password?”. And if your phone can’t give the password, then the call doesn’t get placed. The job of the SIM card is to provide the password. (It’s not literally a password, but you can think of it that way.)

The only exception is an emergency call. Cell towers are programmed with a list of numbers that any phone can place calls to, password or no. So no, there is no hack or workaround. You end up going “hey can I place a call to 911?”, and the tower goes “yeah okay, no password necessary for that”. And then you go “oh no actually call my mom”. And then the tower says “okay, password please?”. There’s no getting around it – you can’t both call an emergency number *and* your mom (unless your mom happens to be a 911 operator and you’re willing to roll the dice).

The sim card is like a password for your network provider. Providers are required to not ask for a password for emergency calls

A SIM card *identifies* your phone. If you try to place a call without once, then the cell tower just says “nah, I don’t know who you are, fuck off” and the call fails.

There’s a special exception for calling emergency services, though. If you’re calling an emergency number then the cell tower says “sure, you don’t need to identify yourself, it’s an emergency, go ahead” and lets you place the call.

The sim card is really just a password that the carrier uses to make sure you paid for the service. The phone is perfectly capable to making calls without a sim card as long as the carrier allows it, which they are required by law to do for emergency calls.