How come some buggies are impossible to “kerb pop” and some are super easy?


I was shopping for a buggy & testing the “kerb pop” for a toddler who is large for his age. I was unable to kerb pop at all on the Joie Mytrax with my whole weight pushing down on the handle. Then I tried the miniuno and was able to kerb pop that buggy pretty easily so I’m wondering what factor I should be looking for to determine if a buggy will have a good kerb pop especially if I can’t test it in person?

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While I have zero experience in the matter, a lot of it will have to do with basic physics. Weight, pivot points, and so on. Without looking I imagine the center of mass was in a more convenient spot on the second one. Between that and the angle you’re pulling/pushing maybe?

What is a kerb pop in the first place? I’ve never heard the term before.

How far back the handle is in relation to the real wheels/rear axles and where the seat is in relation to the wheelbase. Even if it is hard to do by pushind down though you can just pull towards you instead, maybe use your foot too stop it from rolling backwards.

ELI5 – To do the kerb pop you need the handles further back than the rear wheels, the further the better. This will make the front rotate around the rear wheels when you push down on the handles.

ELI20 – The horizontal distance forward from the handle to above the rear wheels. The larger the distance the more torque you are creating around the rear wheel, resulting in it rotating towards you, lifting the front up. If the handles are over the top of the rear wheels, then you essentially have no component of the force rotating about the rear wheels, instead it all pushes the rear of the buggy down.

what language is this in? is there a way to adjust the settings?